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We are so happy you met us at the Wedding Expo. Here you will find all of the follow up information you need to learn more about us and take advantage of our current specials. 


Watch this 2 minute automatic slide show and learn all about what we have to offer and how we can help you!

Ballpark pricing? It is in the video!


Newly-wed Couple

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Couple Dance

Sarah, 2021 Bride

I was on the fence about needing a planner and on-site coordinator, but Harken turned out to be the best decision we made! It was by far the best money we spent and I would choose Harken Events a million times over. 

Jeff, 2018 Groom

After our wedding, my wife said to me "hiring Harken Events was the best decision I made this year", to which I replied "didn't you decide to marry me this year?", I wish I could disagree!!

Decor Services

Visit Kensley's Carts; our decor division, for all of your decor needs. 


Lets Talk

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DIY or Don't Try Webinar!

We absolutely support you going DIY on certain elements of your wedding decor. It is a great way to have fun and save some money. There are some elements that are perfect for DIY and there are some that should be left to the pros. Join us for our free and fun webinar on 

"DIY or Don't Try"

January 17th at 6pm or January 18th at 6pm

*Make up session will be announced at a later date

Wedding Planner
vs Venue Planner Webinar!

We get this question a lot! Many venues provide an onsite coordinator or planner. What is the difference between this and you hiring your own wedding planner? Is there overlap? Join us as we explore this and answer all your questions!

January 19th at 6pm or January 20th at 6pm
*Make up session will be announced at a later date

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