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“The noblest art is that
of making others happy”
- P.T. Barnum

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Studio 393


Francielle Santo



“Honestly, there are not enough words to express my gratitude to the team for making the wedding of my dreams come true! Her team was a wealth of knowledge and assistance when it came to making sure I ordered everything I needed, ideas of set up for the venue and design/placement of décor. The day was perfect - they knew exactly what I had envisioned and they made it happen. This team was AMAZING and I cannot say thank you enough for everything they did to make one of the happiest days of my life the most amazing and beautiful day of my life."

Julie & Tony
Cape Cod, MA.




Harken Events is an unbelievable event planning company!! The attention to detail, forethought, and desire to make the event go seamlessly without any stress for the celebrants are truly phenomenal. They have run two fundraisers for our youth nonprofit, and they have each been tremendously successful and beautiful in every way. They took care of setting the whole visual tone in the room, and planned and executed everything from the food to the furniture. We just left it in their hands, because it was clear that their vision was far superior to anything we could have come up with! The guests were treated to a comfortable and inspiring experience. We cannot thank Harken Events enough and will work with them whenever they'll have us!

Leah O.

Andover, MA


We literally could not have made a better decision. Shay exceeded our expectations, went above and beyond for us, always had our best interest at heart, and worked so hard to help us plan the best wedding I could have ever imagined. Even our guests noticed how amazing she was. She really felt like our best friend throughout this process and it was obvious that she truly was invested in our happiness. I would extremely highly recommend Mosaic event group to anyone planning a wedding or event. Thank you Shay for making our night a success and we hope to work with you in planning any future event.

Naomi & Michael 

Andover, MA


"She is a breath of fresh air compared to other event planners in the industry."


Seattle, WA

Shay and her team are amazing to work with! I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing help with their wedding. The value that Shay brought to both our planning, and execution was outstanding. We did not have a long engagement, just about 5 months. In that time, Shay worked with us to make all our dreams and visions for our special day come true. Not only did she make sure that 100% of the things that were important to us were pulled off just as we would hope, she also made sure that all of the details we may not have been thinking about got addressed as well. Shay's personality feels like it was made for what she does. No matter what the task, if we told her it was important to us, then she made it known it was important to her as well. She was always a pleasure to communicate with, whether over email, text, phone, or in person. If we had an issue with another vendor, Shay was not afraid to speak up on our behalf. On the day of our wedding, there were so many logistics that needed to be dealt with, and of course unexpected issues popped up. To say these things barely hit our radar is an understatement. She simply took care of EVERYTHING. After our wedding, my wife said to me "hiring Shay was the best decision I made this year", to which I replied "didn't you decide to marry me this year?", and she sort of pretended that I was right, but I could tell she still thought Shay was a better decision than even her husband. I wish I could disagree!!

Jeff & Rachel

Somerville, MA

She is a very talented lady and her creativity, attention to detail, forward thinking and special touches in all aspects of the program... are very impressive and do not go unnoticed!   I learned a lot from her which is great.  On top of all that she has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with and be around...She makes the business fun while still pulling off big successes.


Colorado Springs, CO


Working with Shay at Harken Events was such a wonderful experience. I reached out to her over a year before my wedding and from the very beginning she was so attentive and helpful. She worked with me from start to finish on perfecting my centerpieces in order to make sure that my vision came to life, and whenever I was unsure about something always went the extra mile to come up with additional ideas. Shay was so encouraging and thoughtful throughout the entire process, even if I acted like a typical bride and kept changing my mind. I would HIGHLY recommend Harken Events for any event designing and décor rentals. I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with them!!!



Bridgewater, MA 

Shay and Fabio are premiere professionals, and also wonderful human beings. We could not have imagined our wedding without them. For dozens of reasons (or more!) I could not recommend Harken Events more, but here is why they are the best of the best.

Organization (and Systems):
I have never seen more impressive Excel Shreadsheets. Shay and Fabio tracked. Every. Single. Detail. Mention something once, and they’d have it signed, sealed, and delivered before you can even remember what your idea was. Their superior organizational systems helped to facilitate a completely seamless weekend (at least to us and all our guests)! And they put our minds at ease by proving to us throughout the planning process that they had the ability to keep track of every detail.

Our guests routinely told us that our wedding was the most personal and personalized wedding they’d ever been to. We are positive that that impact on our loved ones would not have been possible without Shay and Fabio. By way of example, Shay and Fabio did several things as surprises to us. Our welcome bags to the guests included our favorite snacks, mine being an apple and peanut butter. Shay and Fabio surprised us by imprinting the apples with our wedding crest and names! And it was edible! Another example- Shay asked me what kind of candles I liked for the bathrooms. I have no recollection of my response, but my friends all told me throughout the wedding night that the candles made the bathroom smell just like my house! Harken Events elevated every detail of the wedding experience so that it had our personalized touch.

Relationships & Interpersonal Skills:
Managing dozens of different vendors is no easy task. Every personality is different, but everyone from the quirky florist to the commercial baker to the ten piece band needs to deliver for your big day. Shay and Fabio had the professional and interpersonal skills to navigate some high pressure moments with a range of other key players, all with grace and humor. We knew we could rely on them at all times. And we became genuine friends in the process. They were a pleasure to work with and we’ve already booked them for future family events!


Lainey & Brandon

Cape Cod, MA 

She is an incredible event manager and always has every detail covered. She is always calm and cool onsite, no matter the pressure and she is a great team player.  I think of her as a shark.  She never stops moving onsite (and I don’t think she sleeps – ever).  She is constantly monitoring every aspect of her events, the production team’s progress, and the hotel staff set-up and service to make sure her events run flawlessly.  She is the consummate team player in every sense of the word.  


Framingham, MA

We cannot thank you enough for not only your stellar partnership during the planning phase, but for your unbelievable teamwork with our team while on property.  We have never had a planner fit so seamlessly into our team and we truly appreciate you for that.  The team is still talking about how cool you are – believe us when we say…YOU ROCK!

Tucson, AZ

She is very detailed, timely and transparent in her communications with all event details.  She was also a pleasure to work with onsite.  She has a friendly demeanor and mixes the correct balance of humor and business in her working style.  Our staff loved working alongside her and mentioned frequently how pleased they were to have her as a client in our hotel.

Phoenix, AZ

I can’t stress this more, you and your team are the bomb diggity!!!!  It’s a blessing to be able to work with a group that is kind, funny, easy to work with and most of all, respectful and considerate to the entire crew.  It was an honor to work with you and I hope we get to work together again!



Dallas, TX



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